Old Spice Nature Man Experiential Webcast

Event: “Videogame” with real-life actors (in the woods) playing out commands sent in by the online audience, streamed live over three days.

About 30 hours of live programming, from a remote mountain camp located deep in the Angeles National Forest.

Work performed: Our team provided TD, encoding, webcasting, website game play interface ingest into live video, wireless camera transport, electrical power (With distribution and fueling), logistics, audio, editing, titles, Skype remotes (Picture-in-picture), technical staffing, in-camp video distro, other related services. Wi-Fi and hardwire network throughout the campus, including wide-area mesh network For wireless video/ audio transmission from set to control ( actual distance 3000+ feet) . Cut “top ten” video highlights daily, uploaded to Twitch.TV. Established Internet service via microwave (40 mile path), extended to base camp and to set, with redundant (failover) network. Replaced fiber which was eaten through by woodland creatures during deadline to air. Battery power systems for all field gear, including self-constructed enclosures, chargers, and related gear. Hands-on support for all campus network gear throughout project (Including client, production and talent gear). Established “home base” video site (As a cutaway and deadroll) while production continued. Solved multiple other technical challenges, live, throughout. Entire project assembled in three weeks, from initial contact to premiere.


Results: Show was viewed live by over 2.25 million unique viewers.

Hoover Dam Live Webcast

Event: Unveiling of Daimler Freightliner’s Cascadia Evolution autonomous-driving truck, at Hoover Dam, with world-record 3D projection on the Dam’s front.

Work performed: Our team provided webcasting and on site encoding, CDN interface, wireless camera transport, IPbased video distribution in camp, extensive wired and wireless networking. Established Internet service via microwave (7 mile path), with custom battery solution. Worked with primary satellite carrier for webcast failover. Staffing, install, short-turnaround deinstall during wrap, longhaul (6000 meter) network distribution. WiFi covering nine acres of the dam campus, including direct support for hundreds of trade press in attendance (Unveiling and hospitality areas).

Results: Show was viewed live by a worldwide audience. Extensive press coverage by motor press, major mainstream outlets. Continuing mentions and use of video in EPKs