About E-Planet Media

In today’s fast paced Digital World, companies are challenged with how to effectively communicate ideas and concepts to multiple audiences. Increasingly, these companies turn to the Internet as a way to get their message across to customers, employees, and shareholders.

At E-Planet Media, we utilize a full suite of presentation tools to ensure that your message can be viewed effectively by the target audience. For over 17 years we have helped organizations deliver enhanced communications, marketing and entertainment content, leveraging new and cutting edge technologies.

By definition, E-Planet Media is a Live webcast production company.

Our production services, combine the latest tools and expertise to successfully broadcast your event from virtually anywhere in the world. From simple single camera shoots to sophisticated multi-camera productions. Our production services are fully scalable and customizable to suit individual needs.

The applications are endless:

  • Marketing promotions
  • Sales presentations
  • Product launches
  • Employee training
  • Corporate communications
  • Concerts
  • Red carpets
  • MultiMedia campaigns

Your Vision Our Support


Streaming Services

Your vision—our support:

We specialize in innovative, unique services no one else can provide in locations no one else can support!

E-Planet Media provides on location webcasting, encoding and distribution through our custom private label Internet platform. Our platform is customized to match the look and feel of your brand to ensure optimized brand awareness on all mobile devices  across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Flash, HTML5  . We also provide moderated and non-moderated chat into your webcast plus registration.  We can easily integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds into your live internet broadcast plus the inclusion of remote participants via Skype. We also have the ability to embed our player into your current website thus helping to keep your viewers engaged with your message and branding. We offer a highly robust Pay-Per-View feature that can help monetize your event.

In addition to our unique webcasting platform we at EPM also work with and collaborate with many of the premier webcasting platforms on the market today. Which means, we can easily and seamlessly encode and publish to your existing webcasting platform.

EPM has provided production internet for Live streaming and film set production from San Juan Puerto Rico to CanCun Mexico

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